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The Grande Rota do Guadiana (GR15) connects Vila Real de Santo António to Alcoutim and the Guadiana River is its main attraction. The trail can be made in both ways across an extension of 78 km over mountain, barrocal and coastal areas. Land geography features are ideal for bicycle touring, using secondary tar roads with little traffic, or for mountain biking across secondary dirt tracks. 

This is one of the Algarve’s most well-preserved secrets that can be unveiled by foot or bike, enjoying green landscapes where highlights go to the Salinas – water mirrors from which salt is extracted - the Castle of Castro Marim and the authenticity of several traditional villages. 

If you choose to travel across the Grande Rota do Guadiana, you can check all detailed information in guides and maps. Additionally, you can check the Companies’ Programmes for this Route or you can merely follow the trail you want, enjoying all support Services on your way. 

If you intend to go on exploring the Algarve using bike trails, please know that Alcoutim is also the connection point with the Via Algarviana, crossing the Algarve through the interior up to Cabo de São Vicente, and whose zero kilometre is marked in Alcoutim in a panel near the Pier. 

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